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FREE U.S. SHIPPING on orders over $100!

Our Story


RebsFabStash began on an ordinary, chilly day in January of 2016 when Mom (Reb) decided to open a small Etsy shop to sell her fabric. It was an easy enough goal; something fun to do during her retirement that she had scheduled for September that year. What she didn’t expect was the overwhelming wave of support in response to her fun “little” shop! It wasn’t long before her two Home Depot shelving units were multiplying beyond control.

In 2017, Reb asked her daughter Christy to take over the shop. Christy was a single mom, working full time and traveling every other week to raise money for universities. For Christy, this was the opportunity she needed to slow down and focus on her daughter. In November of 2017, Christy took over operations of the shop and moved the business to its new hometown in the lovely city of Moscow, Idaho. In less than a year, RebsFabStash grew to the point where Etsy could no longer contain the business. In September of 2018, RebsFabStash began to operate on its own website as was formed.

With the help of her previous career mixed with her new love of quilting, Christy has been able to take the business beyond its wildest dreams. RebsFabStash has been in three locations since moving out of Reb’s living room, and most recently moved to its current location at 1500 Levick St. in December of 2020. RebsFabStash has been at this location ever since and now occupies almost 10,000 square feet of space. They've had countless incredible, talented additions to their team.

Nowadays, Mom (aka Reb) is free to sew and quilt to her heart’s content, and Christy is ever so thankful to be home with her family and taking care of her garden and her chickens. They are both loving life and living it to its fullest!

So - no matter how tough life gets or what kind of lemons get tossed your way - just get into your happy space and SEW. Everything will be better, and life will return to normal.

We live with fabric... We love fabric... and we laugh every time we tell ourselves...NO MORE!!!

LIVE - LOVE - LAUGH... in no particular order. Blessings to you and be thankful for His blessings that are sometimes hard to see in the moment.

~ Reb & Christy