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March Stash Box 2023

RebsFabStash | Stash Box
March Stash Box Block of the Month RebsFabStash

It's been one year of sending out Stash Boxes, and we want to thank all of our subscribers for taking the initiative to do these projects with us! With this box, we really wanted to remember why we started the Stash Box in the first place, which is to Inspire, Create, & Grow! We want each box to inspire you to try out new projects, play with new fabrics, & learn new techniques. We want the Stash Box to give you a reason to Create each month and the feasibility to create these projects in a few hours! Lastly, these projects & patterns are designed to help you grow as a sewer, to develop new skills & ideas that you can use across all of your projects! 

Without further ado - take a look at what we included in the March Box "Secret Stash Garden"

March 2023 Stash Box - Sewing Subscription Box

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Block of the Month - (2) Flower #1 

March Stash Box 2023 Block of the Month

The Block of the Month started with 2 of the Flower #1 Blocks from the Wildflower Seeds Pattern (included in box). Everyone received a purple & blue flower block using fabric from the Suedes collection. 

Find More Suedes HERE 

March Stash Box 2023 Block of the Month YouTube Tutorial

There is a also a video tutorial on our YouTube channel to help you put your blocks together alongside the pattern! Watch HERE 

Braided Rainbow Table Runner 

March Stash Box 2023 Braided Table Runner Project

The large project we designed for you this month captures the essence of a sunny Spring day! These vibrant colors can really light up any room! 

Braided Rainbow Table Runner Tutorial March Stash Box 2023

There is also a tutorial for this project for you to follow along with the pattern! Give this a quick watch to see how to line up all your fabric just right! Watch HERE 

Thread Catcher 

Thread Catcher March Stash Box 2023

This was the small project this month and it turned out so darling! We included the original pattern by Scrap Snack, the Embroidery Hoop, the Interfacing, & of course the Fabrics! 

The embroidery hoop is adjustable so you can make your thread catcher as tall or short as you would like! 

This project used fabric from the Luminosity collection which you can find more of HERE


March Stash Box 2023

This month's notions were included in the Thread Catcher project - the pattern & the embroidery hoop! Since we wanted you to be able to complete the entire project, we made sure to include those goodies as your notions!


March Stash Box 2023

The swag this month was a RebsFabStash pink pen! The perfect pen for scribbling down all your fabric measurements! 

Fabrics Used 

We've compiled a list of all the fabrics that were included in this month's Stash Box, if we have more of the collection in stock we will link it! If it's out of stock, we'll make a note! 

Block of the Month: 

Braided Rainbow Table Runner: 

  • Bedrock - by Whistler Studios for Windham - True Red - 50087-5 (color out of stock) - find more Bedrock HERE



Thread Catcher: 

Luminosity Collection 

More Ideas on Pinterest

We always make a Pinterest board for our Stash Box ideas! You can check it out to get inspired to create more! 

March Stash Box Pinterest Board