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RebsFabStash LIVE!

RebsFabStash LIVE!

Welcome to RebsFabStash LIVE! Every week we are LIVE on Youtube and Facebook. You can join on either site!

Wednesdays: 4pm Pacific

Fridays: 1pm Pacific

Quick-join links:

Join on Facebook here!

Join on Youtube here!

Our LIVEs are fun, energetic and colorful! We love to chat with you all about upcoming products and projects as well as see what you've all been making! 

LIVEs are usually helmed by Christy, the owner of RebsFabStash (and daughter of Reb herself!) but sometimes other employees pop in, like our wonderful embroidery team!

These events are meant to be stress-free and fun, so there is no pressure to chat or participate if you'd rather just watch! 

Many of our LIVE attendees are also members of the RebsFabStashers, our private Facebook Group where you can talk about and share your sewing, quilting or embroidery projects!

Every LIVE has a different theme and different products for sale. 

"Bloom Where Mew Are Planted"

Curious about the cat quilt on our banner image? That photo was taken at a LIVE in November, 2023 where we featured designer Pammie Jane and her new quilt: "Bloom Where Mew Are Planted". You can find the quilt kits and patterns on our site!

Pammie Jane is also offering a sew-along with tutorial videos that starts in January, 2024 and you're welcome to tune in! Videos will be posted on both her Youtube channel and ours!

LIVE Etiquette Rules

We love to have a good time on our LIVEs! However, please keep our general community standards in mind. Participants who repeatedly violate these standards may be barred from attending:

1. No profanity

We want to keep our LIVEs friendly and welcoming to everyone! Also, profanity will get us in trouble with Youtube and Facebook, so please keep it PG. 

2. No hot-button issues

We're here to talk about fabrics, embroidery and fun! Please do not derail the conversation with any topics likely to incite arguments or anger. We all care very deeply about many issues, but this is not the proper venue for them.

3. Limit personally identifying information

Be aware that the stream is LIVE! If you post private information in the chat, everyone will be able to see it and we cannot undo that. Remember that our LIVEs are also posted to our Youtube channel after completing, where they will be viewable for the foreseeable future. 

If you are a new customer: We will ask for you to provide shipping information only by email. Do not post your personal address in the chat!

You will never be asked to provide credit card details. LIVE selling purchases are completed by emailed invoice after the LIVE ends. Do not post your bank or credit card information in the chat!

Pen names: You are not required to use your real name in the chat. Many of our participants go by nicknames! However, you must send us your real name alongside the nickname you used on the stream for us to be able to get your invoice to you!

If you have a very common name, we may also ask you to email us your shipping information, even if you have bought from us before -- there are just too many "Smiths" in the world!

4. No promotions

Please do not use our LIVEs as a venue to advertise other products or businesses. If you are interested in collaborating with us and getting permission to share your wares, please contact us via email at We are very open to showcasing guests and other creatives, but only if they are a good fit for us. 

In particular, if you are a pattern designer, we would love to hear from you! 

5. No soliciting

Please no soliciting followers, purchases or support for organizations not affiliated with RebsFabStash. Please do not post links to external companies or organizations in the chat.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When are you LIVE?

We are LIVE every Wednesday at 4pm Pacific time. 

Sometimes we have BONUS LIVEs during busy times of the year. For example, throughout December, 2023 we have an extra LIVE each Friday at 1pm Pacific. 

LIVE announcements are posted on our social media (@rebsfabstash) and also go out on our newsletter mailing list. 

You may also sign up for text message notifications and we will send one text reminder an hour before each LIVE begins!

Follow us on Facebook @rebsfabstash

Follow us on Instagram @rebsfabstash

Sign up for SMS notifications here!

2. How do I attend a LIVE?

You can attend through either Facebook OR Youtube. Pick whichever of the two you are most comfortable with. You will need to have an account on whichever platform you pick. (For example, you cannot join via Facebook without a Facebook account of your own.)

We have a helpful tutorial video that walks you through the steps of joining in.

3. What is LIVE selling?

On every LIVE we offer a curated selection of fabrics, bundles, kits, patterns & more, typically at great deals! It functions similar to an auction. An item is shown and then a number given. If you wish to purchase the item, comment the number. 

Items are sold on a first-come, first-served basis. The first comment that comes through is the winner who will have that item added to their invoice. If we have multiples of the item, we will continue selling in the order the comments came through. 

PLEASE NOTE: There is always a delay between us and you. Depending on your internet connection, your comments may take time to show up on our end. On your screen it will always look like you were first, when on our screen you may have been second or third. 

We do our best to confirm verbally on the LIVE who got each item. Sometimes when the selling gets fast and hectic it may be less clear. If ever you think an item is missing from your invoice, please email us at

4. How do I pay for my LIVE selling purchase?

We send invoices for purchases within 6 hours of the LIVE ending. 

If you have never purchased from us before, please email your shipping information to us at so we can send the invoice. If you do not do this within 48 hours of the LIVE ending, we will cancel your order and you may be excluded from future LIVE sale promotions. (If you need to cancel any items in your order, please do so before the end of the LIVE to avoid this.) Remember, we are a small, local business so we cannot afford people claiming items they don't pay for! 

But! We understand that sometimes life happens. So, if you have any questions or need special accommodations to make your LIVE purchase, please don't hesitate to email us at We are very flexible and happy to help!

5. Can I watch the LIVE later?

Yes! All of our LIVEs are uploaded to our Youtube channel immediately after they end. If you join late or can't make it, please watch the recording. You are welcome to comment on the recorded video with any items you want and if the product is still available, we will get it to you! Keep in mind that many of the items on our LIVE are in limited inventory so we may be out. Special deals and promotions offered on the LIVE may or may not still be valid for people who wish to order after the LIVE has ended. 

6. Do you do anything besides LIVE selling?

Yes! Our LIVEs often focus on unique items and discounts, especially during sales seasons like December, but that's not all we're about! Some other activities you can expect are:

  • LIVE guests/designer spotlights
  • "How-to" tips and tricks
  • Collaborations/guests from other stores
  • Games/giveaways/prizes
  • New product showcases
  • Store news and updates

Check the LIVE title and description to see if we're planning any special activities!

7. Can I join from outside the U.S.?

Absolutely! We welcome LIVE guests from all over the world! And we ship all over the world, too!

For U.S. addresses only: we have free shipping over $100!

The cost of shipping to your country will vary and depends greatly on the total weight and size of your order. If you would like to know ahead of time what kinds of shipping charges to expect, please email us at Try to do this before the LIVE as we may not be able to look it up for you on the fly while we're streaming! 

Please note: Any shipping estimates we give you are estimates and may not reflect the exact cost of your order. However, we can give you a general idea of what cost range to expect.

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