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FREE U.S. SHIPPING on orders over $100!
FREE U.S. SHIPPING on orders over $100!

Golden Ticket


You’ve got a Golden Ticket



What is the golden ticket?

Every month when we send out our Stash Boxes we include ONE golden ticket for a lucky RebsFabStasher to find!

This month, that RebsFabStasher is YOU!

How to Receive Your Prize

  1. Send the ticket back to us at RebsFabStash

We have provided you with an envelope and stamp to send us back the ticket with your information attached.

  1. We will contact you with your prize!

Once we receive your ticket, we will send you back your special prize!

  1. Show off your ticket & prize on the RebsFabStasher’s Facebook Page

Take a picture of your ticket & prize and post it to RebsFabStashers for everyone to see!